It takes a flower community.

After working with flowers for over a decade, Studio Wildflower was started by Maria Lang back in 2014, as a boutique floral design studio specializing in weddings and events. With the help of many hands and hearts, from the flower growers, to the vendors at the San Francisco Flower Mart, to the designers and logistics team who work countless hours to make the floral designs come to life, Studio Wildflower’s community has had the honor of producing floral installations for intimate candlelight gatherings to large scale, multi-day weddings and corporate events.

A little bit about us.

Maria Lang, Designer & Owner

I guess you can say my love of arranging flowers was inspired by one woman, my do-it-yourself grandmother. The constant doer, as a child each day we would busy ourselves by making-- sewing, baking, playing music, crotcheting and my favorite, arranging flowers together. Our supplies came from what we could gather up, find at the local discount store or take from her garden. We could make anything and always something beautiful with very little. This is the woman who made all of her daughter's bridal and bridesmaids gowns, planned their weddings, arranged their wedding flowers, set up their reception, led all the cooking all with enough time to dress and decorate herself to the nines for the wedding. It is no wonder that I find myself following in her multi-tasking footsteps (except for the cooking part although I do bake!).

I love creating with flowers and looking for design inspiration in the abundance of North Bay nature, as well as in art, travel, just about anywhere and everywhere. With a degree in art history, formal flower studies with CCSF and renowned designers, and a passion for design, I draw from many moods and experiences when designing my work. I find myself a lucky one after spending a fair amount of time in the corporate world.  It is in working with flowers and occasions that I find the greatest purpose and pleasure.

Ben, Logistics Team & Business Manager
From designing and building custom arbors for our weddings, to making sure we have all of our needs covered to install a wedding or event, our saving grace logistics team and business manager makes sure all of the behind the scenes for Studio Wildflower are successfully covered.

Studio Wildflower Designers
Studio Wildflower collaborates with talented, creative, and energetic designers in all of our events. Our designers are passionate flower lovers, rainmakers and some are also flower business owners with a dedication to the art and craft of flowers. It is because of our combined talents that Studio Wildflower is able to design, create and execute the most beautiful, jewel-like flower ambiance for your celebrations and events.