Feeling thankful--Flowerwild Workshop in Santa Ynez Valley

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I was oh so fortunate to be welcomed to a wellness, design and business workshop in Santa Ynez Valley hosted by the amazing Kate Holt of Flowerwild.  I literally signed up the day before I had to travel to the workshop so did not really have a full vision of what I was signing up for.  If there was a flower heaven, I surely visited it.  While I have so much to share,  right now I have to say that this was the perfect medicine to get me out of a winter's professional and creative funk.  I am reeling in the memories of meeting and learning from the Flowerwild team as well as so many other designers from all over the country.   And, if that wasn't enough, we also had photographer great Jose Villa photograph all of our designs on set and location.  I am feeling a renewed sense of meaning and inspiration and still pinching myself.  Feeling thankful (and hoping this is something I can partake of on a biannual basis!)