A little holiday magic


Yesterday, was a rare day where my family had zero commitments, no pressing work, ballet rehearsals, playdates, homework, etc., so we spontaneously drove into the city and headed straight to Union Square. The city was so full of holiday energy and adornments, twinkly lights and ice skating, shopping and my favorite, street music and performing. I started to feel the excitement for my own holidays instead of that ever so present feeling in December that "I have so much to do." It was lovely to have this time with my family, to peruse all the holiday windows (Tiffany's, Gump's, Neiman...), drink hot cider, shop a little and think of my own holiday wish list (and yes I do like things so I always have quite the unrealistic list--doesn't hurt wishing!). We also attended "A Christmas Carol" at ACT after someone serendipitously offered us free tickets when we went to inquire about purchasing them at the box office. It was good to actually go to the theaTAW and revisit this classic with my family.  It will forever remind me of my "bah humbug!" dad who always likes to joke that he is Ebenezer during the holidays. I most definitely would like this be part of our annual holiday traditions. So we ended the day with more cider, and the pictures at the Union Square tree. I know it is just the start of December and but how have you started getting ready for the holidays?