Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving morning and there is still so much to do. My youngest keeps asking when I am going to make my famous cranberry sauce (recipe here--and yes, thanks to Martha it is pretty jewel like special). And no, I haven't slept well for the past couple of days, and work has been an intensely creative busy with getting ready for the holidays, but I am feeling compelled to take moment. I have chosen a certain life for myself, and in some ways it keeps chosing me. I work as a creative business owner, and I wake up every morning knowing that I have carved a special something for myself in a world of floral designers, flower growers, planners, vendors and all who make a florist's world come together. I'm in this business where I am able to work with what I love and work for people who appreciate what I do. I am so very thankful for my clients: I enjoy getting to know the, hearing their story and their vision; and the vendors and farmers I get to work with and who make me feel like I am in a very special world. And I am thankful for those who support me, my closest family and friends. Coming from a very working class family, being a small business owner is just not how it is done. Of course, it is not easy, and with so many risks and inconsistencies involved, but at the end of the day, this is very much where I belong. At the end of my last wedding my eldest was with me at strike and heard from the couple how they were so very thankful for the flowers and that could not have imagined how it all came together... It was so good for my daughter to hear that feedback because I want her to see and hear why I am do what I do and know that giving the best you can give to your craft is the world that I want for her too. So now it is time to slice those pears, and pull some blooms together to take to my 85 year old dad's house, warm everything up, set the feast and take hopefully a few more moments.