For the New Year

Already time is a flying and we are almost half-way through January.  Before I find myself in late Spring, I want to pause for a moment and recall a few words I wrote about my flower love some months ago.  It is personal, a little granola, but very much part of me:

My dream as a florist is to take elements from nature and arrange them in ways that tell a beautiful story to the receiver.  I want my designs to create an interest in nature, perhaps a memory of time and place, a rose that your mother grew, a scent that reminds you of the change of seasons, all of which are lost in a fast-paced, conflicted and digital world.  What I love about flowers is they are tangible, you need to open your senses to experience them as you do when you walk through a forest or valley of wildflowers.  They are predictable but oh so unpredictable. They will bloom when they feel it is time and fade into another beauty, aged and tired, reminding us of the cycle of life, as well as reminding us in the world we find ourselves in, of all of its offerings and potential.

Wishing you all a flower-filled, peaceful and healthy New Year!