Valentine's day, love

DSC_0618 My favorite of holidays, Valentine's Day, is three weeks away.  This day makes me giddy--I love seeing the crowds shop for cards and there is simply no better vision on this day than a stranger holding a huge bouquet of flowers destined for his/her beloved on the streets of San Francisco.

This day is not only a flower shop affair, it is a family affair for me and my guy and my two girls.  Forget homework, we are all busy crafting Valentine's for each other and for friends and family.  And, we are not just the construction paper type of family.  This is when I bring out all the fancy papers, silk ribbons, beads, old typewriter and other ephemera from my stash.  It is also when I am day dreaming up new ways to present your Valentine bouquet.  I love a posie in a silver mint julep cup, a single gardenia in a presentation box , a bouquet of roses and orchids presented in a recycled wooden wine box, or a mixed bouquet wrapped in unique fabrics that I have spent years collecting.  Not only do I have a passion for sourcing flowers and creating arrangements,  I also collect anything and everything crafty.  I don't know if I never had enough crayons and paper as a kid, but there will be no shortage of art making at my house.  And it is from my collections that I add embellishments to my bouquets to make them different, individualized.  I love the finding, gathering and arranging as much as the giving.  So do get on with making or buying the perfect card for your Valentine and be in touch to peruse our bouquets.

Our community pop-up shop will be in full swing the days before and of February 14 so keep in touch for location and let us help you dream up your perfect Valentine.