Getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air! That gets me thinking of what is my all time favorite romantic comedy. For me, a favorite has to be Strictly Ballroom with all the kitsch, flamenco, ballroom dancing and of course, love. I'm thinking this may be playing in the background as I get ready to host my annual Valentine's Day pop-up. This year's is a fundraiser for my daughter who is trying to raise funds to attend her 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. and New York.  If you would love flowers and to support her cause, please see my Valentine's Day page. I hope you are making plans to celebrate this love filled day with either friends, your partner or with a new lovely adventure. 

A little holiday magic


Yesterday, was a rare day where my family had zero commitments, no pressing work, ballet rehearsals, playdates, homework, etc., so we spontaneously drove into the city and headed straight to Union Square. The city was so full of holiday energy and adornments, twinkly lights and ice skating, shopping and my favorite, street music and performing. I started to feel the excitement for my own holidays instead of that ever so present feeling in December that "I have so much to do." It was lovely to have this time with my family, to peruse all the holiday windows (Tiffany's, Gump's, Neiman...), drink hot cider, shop a little and think of my own holiday wish list (and yes I do like things so I always have quite the unrealistic list--doesn't hurt wishing!). We also attended "A Christmas Carol" at ACT after someone serendipitously offered us free tickets when we went to inquire about purchasing them at the box office. It was good to actually go to the theaTAW and revisit this classic with my family.  It will forever remind me of my "bah humbug!" dad who always likes to joke that he is Ebenezer during the holidays. I most definitely would like this be part of our annual holiday traditions. So we ended the day with more cider, and the pictures at the Union Square tree. I know it is just the start of December and but how have you started getting ready for the holidays? 

Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving morning and there is still so much to do. My youngest keeps asking when I am going to make my famous cranberry sauce (recipe here--and yes, thanks to Martha it is pretty jewel like special). And no, I haven't slept well for the past couple of days, and work has been an intensely creative busy with getting ready for the holidays, but I am feeling compelled to take moment. I have chosen a certain life for myself, and in some ways it keeps chosing me. I work as a creative business owner, and I wake up every morning knowing that I have carved a special something for myself in a world of floral designers, flower growers, planners, vendors and all who make a florist's world come together. I'm in this business where I am able to work with what I love and work for people who appreciate what I do. I am so very thankful for my clients: I enjoy getting to know the, hearing their story and their vision; and the vendors and farmers I get to work with and who make me feel like I am in a very special world. And I am thankful for those who support me, my closest family and friends. Coming from a very working class family, being a small business owner is just not how it is done. Of course, it is not easy, and with so many risks and inconsistencies involved, but at the end of the day, this is very much where I belong. At the end of my last wedding my eldest was with me at strike and heard from the couple how they were so very thankful for the flowers and that could not have imagined how it all came together... It was so good for my daughter to hear that feedback because I want her to see and hear why I am do what I do and know that giving the best you can give to your craft is the world that I want for her too. So now it is time to slice those pears, and pull some blooms together to take to my 85 year old dad's house, warm everything up, set the feast and take hopefully a few more moments.   

April Showers and Spring Flowers

April, my absolutely favorite month of the year (also my birthday month). The sun is a shining although there is a little nip in the air this week, but I am looking for that feeling of spring renewal. I'm trying my best to feel my blessings and find those little moments to celebrate life. To be honest, I was a little hesitant of this year's birthday, as I will the same age that my mother was when she lost her life (I was only 18). She left me before she ever imagined, and the thought of how fragile life is weighs on me. She was so full of love and life it not only broke our hearts to lose her, but it must have shattered hers. She was definitely a woman of faith and always a cup half full type of person so in honor of her, I am going to recall the so many good things from my past year. My wildflowers continue to grow in unexpected ways, my family is celebrating so many milestones, my niece's upcoming wedding and my daughter's coming of age celebration, my husband's new career, and for Wildflower, I am looking forward to expressing my creative energy for so many flower occasions this year and for new flower adventures still to be imagined. I asked my dad what my mom would have thought of me working with flowers, and he mentioned, she would be so proud. To all of your Aprils, may you see what is before you, the beauty of spring, and your potential for your own renewal.